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For years, HomeTheaterEquipment.com was the forum site for HomeTheaterReview.com. In December 2019 Luxury Publishing Group sold HomeTheaterReview.com and AudiophileReview.com to JRW Publishing. HomeTheaterEquipment.com wasn’t part of that deal.

After three years of waiting to launch our next audio-video publication, Luxury Publishing Group released our best new audiophile magazine called FutureAudiophile.com. This site is designed to reach the next generation of audiophiles. These are younger, more diverse people who seek relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety from their overly digital and tech-driven lives. Many of them now look to the hobby of listening to music for that.

The most frequently asked question that we get when talking about FutureAudiophile.com is “where is your home theater site?” The answer is that it is right here waiting to get redeveloped into a next level home theater publication. Much like FutureAudiophile.com, this is no small endeavor. We aren’t looking to build another HomeTheaterReview.com. We are looking to build something that is at the next level and that process has already begun…

Some of the topics that we are looking into include:

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